All this is just for fun. But there are rules so you can't go below the belt, please follow this or you shall be punished. If you are not familiar with the rules and you violated one, IGNORANCE IS NOT CONSIDERABLE. So please read:

  • Ask permission to a person if you are willing to create an episode of a certain show.
  • You are free to make your own shows anytime.
  • If there is violence and harsh languages in the story, please rate as SPG             
  • No negative comments, please.
  • Please categorize your story, either as: 
  1. Horror
  2. Fictional
  3. Non-Fictional
  4. Adventure
  5. Drama
  • Leave your signature at the end of your show/episode/story.
  • Spam is considered as BAN.
  • You can only have the maximum number of 2 accounts.
  • Listen to every bureaucat, administrator, rollback and chat moderator.

That is all, remember, IGNORANCE IS NOT CONSIDERABLE. Just try to get along, k? And swears in comments will not be tolerated.

Yours Truly,

Yay by moongazeponies-d3jo61mThe Fluttershy


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