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Hey, there! It's me, The Fluttershy~. I'm about to make the very FIRST show in this wiki. I call it TOBUSCUS ADVENTURES! It's about a typical guy who always gets in trouble. Here are the main characters:

  • Tobuscus
  • Gabuscus (bestfriend)
  • Trinabuscus (mother)
  • Ugly Trolly Stupid (cat)

I rate this show as PG due to some scenes containing violence. Hope you enjoy this!

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Episode 1: My Buscusy ChristmasEdit

At the house, morning time

Tobuscus writes:

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good buscus, please give me a laser gun.



Gabuscus: Santa Claus isn't real, idiot.

Tobuscus: He is real, yah dumbbutt!

Gabuscus: Yeah, and I'm talking to a guy who talks to cats.

Tobuscus: I do not talk to cats! (to Ugly Trolly Stupid) Isn't that right, Ugly Trolly Stupid? Agoo, goo , goo! Agoo, goo, goo!

At the house, night time

(sound of a jet)

Tobuscus: Huh? A jet? It's Santa Claus! Gabuscus, wake up!

Gabuscus: I don't want cars, I want barbies! Ugh..

Tobuscus: Aw, how cute! I'm sure Santa Claus will give you one!

At the rooftop

(a big jet is right there)

Tobuscus: WOW! A jet, and it's Santa Claus's! Maybe he's at the Christmas tree!

At Christmas Tree

Tobuscus: Santa Claus! (hugs Santa) Where's my laser gun?

Santa Claus: Here! (gives the gun)

Tobuscus: WOW! Wait a minute.. r-e-p-l-i-c-a? A replica?! Where's the real one?! I want it!

Santa Claus: But I need it! I have to kill people, yah know?

Tobuscus: I understa- (tackles Santa) MY LASER GUN! (gets gun) BWAHAHAHA!!!

Santa: Hey, give-

Tobuscus: SHUT UP OLD MAN!! (shoots Santa)

(Gabuscus enters) Gabuscus: Hey, what's all the-

Tobuscus: SHUT UP FOUR-NIPPLE MAN!!! (shoots his bestfriend)

(Ugly Trolly Stupid enters)

UTS: Meo-

Tobuscus: DIE UGLY THING!!! (shoot his cat)

(Trinabuscus enters)

Trinabuscus: Merry Christmas, Tobu-

Tobuscus: GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!! (shoots his mom)

(All is dead.)

Tobuscus: WOW! This actually works. (faces the gun to him) What if I- AHHH! (shoots himself)


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